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To our valued OrganicLives customers...

One door closes...and another opens.

Today, we are suspending OrganicLives operations. After a year long, unsuccessful battle with our insurance company (after a fire on Quebec Street resulted in the closing of our restaurant), we are no longer able to support the company.

Thank you to all our community - loyal customers, media, suppliers, retail partners, and financial partner VanCity - for all you have done to support us. You have kept us inspired, kept us going, and provided the motivation for us to create a new vision that will be better than what we have done with OrganicLives. There is a groundswell of support and demand for pure, clean food, and we'll continue to do everything possible to serve our customers, and maintain product in the marketplace while we are going through this genesis.

In some ways, the fire was a blessing that enabled us to take stock and to truly think about the change we want to bring to the world. Another door is opening and I look forward to being in touch with you soon with positive and exciting news.

Thank you, again, for your support.

Preet Marwaha

CEO, OrganicLives

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